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The transformational Impact of Lizzie's therapy-informed Coaching Method

Hello dear readers, this was an important blog to write, its been 2 years since adding therapy work to my coaching practice!

And my goodness(!) it is such a radical act of self compassion and healer of relationships.

Say you enjoy coaching or your curious about it. Your seeking freedom, a way of living more with ease, clarity and health... let's begin.

This part of you that's interested in knowing more, diving in, it sees change is possible and has the belief that there’s purpose and more joy in this journey.

This is that part calling you to happiness and presence. Are you willing to listen?

We can seek answers externally (chocolate, tv, people), but as unique beings it is only inside where can we find OUR answers, you unconsciously know yourself. Your body and psyche are full of rooms to explore, tend to and set free. Our fears paralyse us, yet they are simply signposting where we hold experiences that need to be seen and validated.

What if you knew there was more ease to life just by doing this?

We are not separate to our bodies. Our thoughts create reactions from our nervous systems that we call emotions, that lead to physical changes such as blushing, butterflies to heavy or tightness of anxiety. In environments where self doubt is created we form a defence, a disconnect from our bodies so not to feel so much, a protective mechanism. The thought of living open hearted can cause anxiety, shut down (a preservation of energy) or queries within such as ‘what's wrong with me’. The longer you are within this mindset and environment the stronger the self doubt can become and damage. The disconnect from the body can create symptoms of depression, overwhelm and/or illness as the body is holding suppressed emotions.

This is important work.

Know this about my coaching:

  1. Suppressed emotion causes inaction, a reactive way of living and physical illness.

  2. How we feel towards our emotions is key, they are not there to cause pain but as a message, a felt sense, part of our instinctive way of being. By working with them, you unlock fears and create ease and confidence.

  3. I see your value and capacity just as you are. I see your power and possibility, you don't have to believe me (or maybe you do feel that), I ask you to get curious.

Abilities you’ll uncover

  1. Self trust. An inner ability to understand emotions and settle them (IFS work)

  2. Gratitude and wonder of your physical form (Inner child)

  3. A love and value of your being and unique value (value awareness, shadow)

What you'll need: Courage to explore, be with feelings, purpose and readiness to receive joy..

How long?

It depends on each person, your desire to grow and other healing work you're doing e.g reading/mediation/journaling/movement. These are the testimonials at different stages:

6 sessions

I had 6 sessions with Lizzie, helping me define my goals and the obstacles that needed attention. The sessions were hard work but Lizzie has a clear mind and a gentle way of coaxing ideas into fruition. I would recommend her to anyone who needs some support in unravelling personal and professional dilemmas.

After 12 sessions:

Lizzie has given me the chance to connect with my past experiences to realign my present and feel in flow with where I am.

And to feel stronger personally and professionally.

With Love, Lizzie X


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