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Empower your path. Finding peace and trust. 

Coaching with Lizzie


By exploring what matters to us and what is unconsciously holding us back ... We can find how we wish to to uniquely experience life + find what we are seeking.


Working with Lizzie you'll move through difficulties and go beyond, personally and professionally. Great peace comes exploring thoughts and how these create our lives. Lizzie coaching space and tools is where clients unfold and remember their potential and worth.  This enables you to become your greatest companion and advisor.  


Testimonials :

The work with Lizzie is eye opening. She is different from other coaches as she is naturally gifted doing this work. I initially signed up for the sessions to explore new career goals and to lift blocks I didn’t understand but the work with Lizzie is more extensive than this. She helped me understand my patterns and how, in my case, all is connected. She listened and guided me through trauma and walls put up over a few decades to discover the reasons for these blocks. This process helps me to see and understand what’s underneath in order to move on and go beyond, personally and professionally. ~ S.B Creative Director

Lizzie has given me the chance to connect with my past experiences to realign my present and feel in flow with where I am.

And to feel stronger personally and professionally. ~ S.M. CEO


Centred Self Workshop

Circle Gatherings
2 hr recalibrating and healing group


Coaching 1 : 1
- 1.5hr weekly virtual call.
- 6 weeks booking blocks
- tailored to you
- Weekly notes for your reflection
- Free access to Centred Self
- future client community offers

*maybe a waitlist.
*a free 45min taster session

Coaching 1 : 1  IFS Session
- 50 mins weekly virtual call.
- 6 week blocks
- tailored to you

*maybe a waitlist.
*a free 30min taster session

'It doesn't matter how much we should be doing something, if our mind frame isn't tuned in to our values, or busy elsewhere, there's limited or off path action. This can make you feel out of sorts, missing something, frustrated and even in doubt of self.

I see now how I relied on teachers + others to believe in me. I was searching externally for others to see I was unique and of great power. It's when I first experienced coaching that I saw what I needed, who I wanted to be and experienced Self trust.

To trust in Self is an empowering gift not a limiting one.

We know more than we think.

If you ever feel something other than curiosity, compassion or trust for yourself and others, there is beautiful work to do towards unlocking your envisioned future and present.

Feel the readiness to commit to yourself and I'll give you built in ways to navigate and enjoy as we go.'


Pre-booking -
Have a discovery call with me to see if we fit and my voice, approach and energy resonates with you. We'll discuss what you are seeking.

Post-booking -
Before any 1:1 session you will fill out an intake form so that I can understand your background of self work and what you're needs so that you can make the most of your time.

During sessions -
- support you in a safe space to release into, see darkness and light. 
- energise and nurture your fullest self and find blindspots
- facilitate repatterning of behaviour and mindset
- If requested I will lead you with tools from the greatest teachers to shift focus and energy.
- hear and tune in to what is happening for you with reverence
- reflect to regrow 
- dig into blocks, unserving beliefs, 
- connect with highest self and self belief.

After Sessions
Recieve weekly notes for your records and reflection
Personalised teacher and learning recommendations 
Tools to aid practise
Access to future client community offers.


More Testimonials 


Lizzie and I first met when I took part in her Centred Self workshop. Lizzie's facilitation left me feeling restored and yet also prompted deep thought about me, my wants and my curiosities. A follow-up coaching session (Vision Call) was offered, I loved it and have continued to be coached by Lizzie ever since! I've taken part in some coaching within my workplace and enjoyed its mechanisms of reflection. I have however struggled with trusting completely that I could speak openly with colleagues in a coaching context yet still within my company and there be complete confidentiality or total lack of judgement. With Lizzie, I feel supported, challenged, completely 'un-judged' - it's been my special, safe space of rejuvenation over the past few months. Lizzie is really pulling me back to myself and driving me to remember who I am, beyond my work, beyond life's multiple pressures and to rediscover little joys each day that come from me and make me feel like, well, me. Lizzie is a kind, thoughtful and wise coach and I treasure my time with her. ~ R. C. Theatre Director

I had 6 sessions with Lizzie, helping me define my goals and the obstacles that needed attention. 

The sessions were hard work but Lizzie has a clear mind and a gentle way of coaxing ideas into fruition.

She was fantastic with the notes and feedback and prompt and punctual with the sessions and I would recommend her to anyone who needs some support in unravelling personal and professional dilemmas. ~ P. C . Eco Activist & Founder

Lizzie’s Coaching Experience & CPD:

200+ hours coaching

25+ hours supervision 

March 2022 - IFS informed coaching practitioner

Gabor Mate’s Wisdom of Trauma 

Byron Katie Inquiry - The Work

School of Whole with Lacey Haynes

Duality Energy Work

Women's Circle training with Sister Stories

To Be Magnetic 

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