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Cool tees. Ethical ethos. These are your essentials...

T-shirt’s are available a plenty, right? I’m finding it harder than I thought to find one with a sustainable fabric or even made in the UK. Above all, it’s tricky to find one that’s just… cool. 1. Vestaire vintage tee £££ Amazing finds for vintage gold! Perfect for authentic band tees. These are pieces that have and will keep their value. 2. Yunit ££ - For Stylish Basics For the plain simple jersey styles. Because sometimes all you want is a plain black tshirt. ‘James Dean knew it. Steve Jobs knew it. Hell, even Pamela Anderson knew it. A T-shirt suits you no matter what. Whether you’re street racing or modern- day inventing (or just looking r


Resonate's first public appearance was on Instagram as @resonatepicks. I thought if I wanted to start an ethical fashion label it is vital to see what's already on offer. Now, a few months on, this blog will be the sister to @resonatepicks with more content and as a place that's easy to use when redirecting to other cool things. Since finding other ethically based brands it has felt like a network, all of us supporting a cause, rather than feelings of competition. That's why I believe in being transparent in our startup and inspirations, as sharing what we know can help our development aswell as others. As a mother, which was the changing point of starting my own business, my drive is to unc


    'A beautiful eco + socially conscious brand where each piece is the only one of its kind, handcrafted in London from rare vintage, quality silks. 

    Every print is discovered by myself, a senior print designer formerly at McQ Alexander McQueen. By championing the value of existing materials and how unique we all are, we can create a fashion industry with positive impact.'

    Lizzie - Founder

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