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Begin ~ This will propel you into You ~ 3 (very moving) short videos.

Know one knows your journey

Do you ever have that feeling of curiosity... what am I really meant to be doing? If there are such things as callings, what would be mine? How can I enjoy the moments I know I should... more.

No-one else knows where you are meant to go, discover, create.

Here's how I began, 10 years ago...


A Lightness of being and creating....

I sure so many of you have seen this and fallen for Liz.

Watch again for what started me on a journey to believing our genius doesn't come from us, yet we are vessels that it travels through. Yes we can be the artists and how we create the idea is ours, but creative genius is out there for anyone to grab hold of - you just have to be in the right headspace to receive.

Creative genius Liz Gilbert approx 10mins

The simplest way of showing up.

When walking into work at McQ Alexander McQueen there was a lift with a mirror up to the 3rd floor. This was where (after watching this) that I adjusted my posture. I'm not sure how it affected my work, but in meeting and conversations when I felt unheard, I would remember this, and shift myself. I sure this was the beginning of something.

Your Body language may share who you are

by Amy Cuddy approx 10mins

Uniqueness and courage.

For me, I've battled with the word fashion, seeing its impact, intimidation and inaccessibility.... but I reworked what fashion means to me. This video sums it up. Even though it one I loved 8 years ago... I found it for a reason, a reminder that fashion, self expression must serve us, not shame us.... enjoy!

Style Like u Video 5.34 mins.

Ilona Royce Smithkin 2013

(think Iris Apfel... and my Aunt Ivy )

Where might this take you? What did you need to hear from this? What are you curious to peer into next? Go, do!

In curiosity we find the beauty of where we want to go.

If you'd like to delve into your mindset behind creativity schedule a call with me here. I work with clients to empower their being, often who seek a change, more strength or a way to do things differently. Alternatively go, be you, you are whole and wise and whatever calls to your truth is a stepping stone of your journey. Begin, keep going...


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