we resonate street style.jpg

"From the moment I received this dress in its special little box I could feel the love that has gone into bringing it to life, from the preloved silks it’s crafted from.


It feels amazing on, like I’m immediately more connected with my feminine energy.


I’ve had so many compliments whilst wearing it, I think because you can feel its history and it’s uniqueness from a mile off. It makes it easy to shine... like we all deserve to.


Thank you Lizzie! "

~ Alice, London

we resonate street style .jpg

"'I absolutely love the made for you experience that Lizzie offers with her beautiful dresses. Creating my dress was such a personalized and fun experience. ... I love that her fabric is vintage, and working with Lizzie is very easy even though it was sometimes difficult to find the time on my end, Lizzie was patient snd relaxed about it. The dress itself makes me feel sexy and intimate. The material is very whimsical and freeing. .....Thank you Lizzie for such a lovely, creative and self-loving experience."

~ Nathalie,