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Shift Your Mood (& your future) ~ 3 Nourishing videos.

I'm writing this Dec 2021, seeing how a year of being a coach has transformed how I experience this festive season. Ready to Surrender to the nostalgia of it all, I needed to give this and remind myself a few clues to:

Q - How can I enjoy the moments I know I should... more.

Q - How can I get out of this mood.

Q - How can I live fully, more presently.

Q - How can I begin the new year with trust of my journey.

....and all those potentially anxiety catalysing questions.

1. Firstly (and forever to remember):

Your Cup. Fill it.

Yoga only started making sense for me when I understood it's tremendous abilities. I knew it released emotion, but only this year did I get to know it releases old trauma and suppressed emotions from places in your body it holds it. Think a stiff neck all the way to auto immune disorders. I jump from teacher to teacher, Jessica Richburg has this great sequence you can do from your bed.

Perfect for either escaping from mass family or if there's no room for a mat.

Jessica Richburg

12min Gentle Yoga Session

(jump to 1.50mins in unless you want to see a Mexican hotel)

2. Once your energy, blood and self love is pumping.

See Your Power.

Being a Life Coach (niching in inner wisdom and vision) I work with a supervisor and a group of other coaches. This week she shared an amazing reading list, the lightest one being this GEM, that I had never seen.

If you're wondering whats next for you or where to go, see what you make of this...

Oh the Places You'll Go! By Dr. Seuss.

approx 6mins

3. The deep stuff (If you get this, you've unlocked your mind....)

When you believe your thoughts, you suffer. Question Your Thoughts...

If I die tomorrow, this is the Work I want people to hear. That's big right. This interview was my first tip toe into Byron Katie's work, I had actually heard it before, but I didn't absorb it then, I wasn't ready (note - filling cup and seeing power). Afterwards I experienced and still do (less intensely) a 6 week period of bliss. I remember thinking, I will NEVER need a holiday again as well as laughing with happiness through phone calls with my family - this must have thought I was high on something.

Where might this take you? What did you need to hear from this? What are you curious to peer into next? Go, do!

In curiosity we find the beauty of where we want to go.

If you'd like to delve into your mindset, unlock whats holding you back or experience healing, nourishing space try a call with me here. I work with men and women to empower their being, often who seek a change, more strength or a way to do things differently.

Alternatively go, be you, you are whole and wise and whatever calls to your truth is a stepping stone of your journey. Begin, keep going...

With Love, Lizzie X


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