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Reconnect + Reimagine

When we see no one else has our answers the choice is laid bare in our hands to know ourselves more deeply..  With tools from this workshop over 100+ participants felt re-centred and find clarity of vision.
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The Centred Self Workshop

Vision Board Workshop


Since 2018 I have led over 100 people through different iterations of this workshop, evolving each one to do more.


Feed your creativity with a deep dive into mind mapping and collaging. This is a beautiful guide to clarity and a fresh grounding.

Are you feeling a pull to a more Centred Self? 


Why 100+ women have taken the workshop so far:

~ Feeds your creativity
~ Draw a line under your life's chapter so far
~ Opens you up to your centre and wisdom
~ Helps you reimagine your possibilities
~ Makes any decision making needed easier
~ enhance approach to work .... ok, life!
~ to feel inspired and grounded

You leave with:
~ A tangible, beautiful tool to remember all this,
~ A artwork by you for your wall ( I promise you'll feel proud)
~ See your present and future with fresh eyes

A no brainer in discovering your intrinsic truths, joys and purpose.

What it involves:

PART 1 (1.5hrs) ~ Mind Mapping - bring something to journal in! Saying Hi - sharing when you wish and being part of a sacred safe place.
Between sessions ~ Time to collect your images for the following session
PART  2 (1hr) ~ Process of creating & attaching intention - with as much help as you need.
What you will receive:
- E-book to settle you into this space.
- If needed for collage base and mount - Prep pack of 1 A4  and 1 A3 Card
What you will need:
A journal
10 Magazines/image material to cut up freely. 
A4/A3 paper/card (see above if problem)
Scissors, pritt stick, ruler/straight edge.
Cost - £30 inc Card, Ebook + 1:1 Call after Class. 2 £10 Supported Places per Class 
* Only 10 spaces per month
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My Teachings

What if you could show up to every day and every challenge in a state of joyful ease, let the creative solutions flood in, whist enjoying each moment?
Sometimes our world knocks us off balance, tests our paths and we find ourselves sapped of energy. What if we came prepared. This vision board is that, to keep our attention on what can refill our energy and spark light. This is the tool to keep you grounded in the path of your choosing and focusing your attention on how you want to spend your precious time.
My approach is by discovering self and seeing your value, ease floods in & from here creativity sparks. Making space for the creative genius. Elizabeth Gilbert speaks of the creative genius visiting you and having to grab hold. Here, we set them a place at the table, with open arms.
Gift yourself Clarity
You will access where life works its best for you and the state of mind that attracts your success. Deeply discover what makes your heart and mind tick to create your re-centred self.
The Most Accessible Yearly Investment
Overflowing with tools from my obsessive self growth study and practise, my 15 years of professional creative practise and 100+ people's feedback into the workshops material. You leave with a tool for your year ahead, a kaleidoscope of the beautiful intrinsic parts of you... that you can use daily with affection, readiness and trust. 
For your relationships
Look at her (your artwork) everyday, feel the energy you gave her and she will give it back. Do this for you and liberate others too, because when you resonate this inner light your world benefits and aligns. 

Lizzie that was so so so good, thank you. You gave so much it was so inspiring. The beginning bit was incredible and I felt moved. I didn’t expect to get so much from it.

~ N K, Founder, London


"Loved. Thanks so much. As I said I started with a really heavy heart and now I feel a lot stronger... the whole thing has totally re-centered me. Almost like I found that part of myself again... its all very soothing and upliftng "

~ S F, Senior Designer, London

"So good to have some space and time without things crazily running around in the mind.


Loved that it felt abstract but also tangible at the same time and I definitely came away with clarity, feeling inspired and with a real sense of calmness.


Being able to capture all the thoughts from the beginning part of the workshop into a physical, visual piece was both comforting and energising.


The guidance through the workshop was just right - with time to think while also having tips at just at the right moments  "

~ R C, London

Vision board we resonate centred self workshop

"'I really enjoyed taking the time  to focus on my vision board, the class by Lizzie was an amazing space to find clarity on what I want to materialise in my life.


Lizzie has an amazing ability to help you focus, connect with your feelings and guide you through the creative journey.


I would love to repeat this workshop every year so that it sets the tone for the whole year ahead." 

~ S F,

Tech Founder + Architect


Thanks so much Lizzie. Just wanted to say that was incredible. 

~ S M, CEO, London

Thank you so much. This sounds overdramatic but you have really helped me find myself again. I finally feel like I know what I'm about and what I need to do.

~ C N, Hertfordshire

"I really enjoyed the structure...


When I've done vision boards before its always felt quite challenging for me but this one flowed very easily....


I found the structure really supportive. I'll definitely recommend to my friends "

~ S C, Lawyer, Scotland

Vision board we resonate centred self workshop

You made me cry!! The seasons meditation was so beautiful and the paths you took me on were so powerful. I’m now going to look into doing a teaching degree.

~ L T, Dorset

"''I loved making my vision board with Lizzie. Each session was such a calming, kind and open experience; I was inspired to be specific but to also to find freedom and play.


Lizzie provided a clear and easy-to-follow structure that allowed me to discover what I really wanted in life and what truly brought me joy. When I look at my vision board (numerous times each day!) I often think, 'yes, this is me, these are the things I want more of', and it feels right.


The creative design of the vision board that Lizzie encourages is so eye-catching and pleasing to look at as well, I have it framed in our hallway now, it's like a very personal piece of art!" 

~ H G,

Actor, London

'Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.'  ~ Rumi

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