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Welcome to Circle

Rest here in a circle of women and be guided through a journey to restore and recalibrate. Sense sisterhood and belonging. Sharing is invited yet optional.
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We-Resonate Circle
A 2 hour online gathering


Dear One,


You are warmly invited to restore and recalibrate through journalling, meditation, sharing if you wish and listening and will you join us?


As we gather, relax and settle around a centre of nature, beauty and glowing candles we are called to our beings and invite attention to the flow that ripples through us in every moment.

A lightness and darkness can spark release, peace and more. This healing space asks for no solution from eachother, just internal witness and feltsense. The circle serves as a sacred space for journaling with self, honouring each other's thoughts with grace and gratitude.


How Circle will meet you:

First time  - sense your curiousity into the possibility of recieving , belonging and tuning inwards. Where have you felt belonging before? Can you remember it's warming, whole accepting affect on you?


Second time - You're not a stranger to your feelings, nor the impact of rushing, racing and ignoring your needs. Feed yourself here with space to slow, honor and remember self. In times of resistance, surrender to a held circle and be guided back inwards to your own compass.


Regular - A ritual of honouring your heart and its graceful force that leads a life of fullness. Remember how much you've grown and how the resonance of this ritual creates shifts in others and communities.


A Grounding Experience


One cold evening I made my way to a house off broadway market, welcomed by the beaming glow of Gemma Brady I was offered tea before a group of us curled up in the lounge, settling into stillness and thoughtfulness.

I heard stories of women who at first impression I was intimated by, from older women and women on very different paths to mine. Yet I felt connection though simply sharing without judgement or solution, just sacred space, held in love..

The sense of oneness I walked away with has stuck with me ever since. It was also the beginning of sharing my own stories whilst feeling the stomach turning fear of being judged. Yet the feeling of joy and release when it was received with such warmth was unforgettable.

This was my first of many Women's circles. 

Circle of Ash Trees (planted) ~ image by the eyes they see

The Details


The space is confidential and safe, if you wish to connect with others in the circle you are welcome to share your email at the end.


The space is online via Zoom, the space opens at 7.50 with music and settling in before we begin at 8pm, ending at 10pm. Last entry is 8.05pm to respect the group's experience. Daytime circles open at 9.50, begin at 10am and close at Midday.


Advanced booking is recommended - 6 spaces available.

Please note - refunds (minus booking fee) can be made up to 48 hours before the event.


All you need

~ A comfortable, uninterrupted spot to be alone + speak of anything.

~ A phone/device with Zoom downloaded.

~ A drink,

~ Journal and pen.

~ Candles/comforts to set space.

~ Anything to keep warm.


Please note for everyone to feel at ease, sharing videos must be on.


Supported Ticket £20

Standard ticket £15

Supported ticket £5 (low income)


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Lizzie’s Experience

I have been holding healing spaces intensely for a year through workshops and one to one coaching. I'm is a Mum, Creator and Coach with 100hr+ coaching experience, supervision, trauma informed and in March 2022 ifs-informed (type of therapy).

I founded We-Resonate in 2017, which has two arms. Self work and Beautiful things, with One purpose.


Joining together & Connecting to oneness. 


I believe we can't have oneness without knowing and loving self. During this journey we find true belonging. We develop the ability to love ourselves and each other more deeply. We heal through seeing our similarities of being human and prosper through seeing the magic of our different personalities.


Relationships are sacred and at the heart of everything. I invite people into strengthening relationships with self, our things and others.

A warm welcome,


Lizzie Clark, Coach, Designer and Founder.

“The things that women reclaim are often their own voice, their own values, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories. If we go for the deeper and the darker, the less known, we will touch the bones.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


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