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Hi, I'm Lizzie


I started a blog to gather this information and was surprised that I couldn’t (in 2017) find beautiful pieces in the sustainable fashion world. I knew that if I could make clothing that was both ethical and featured the artistry I had honed at McQueen, it would become an irresistible alternative to people who love beauty and are concerned about the environment. I had something to give and it was time to step up.


From 2011, I worked at McQ Alexander McQueen, a company I had dreamt of working for. I loved the story-rich beginnings of collections, such as a patchwork of paintings or a collection of old textiles, deconstructed into modern and beautiful pieces.


In 2018, while on maternity leave, I watched a film called The True Cost that documented the harrowing global effects of fast fashion trends. I knew a change had to happen. Was my joy of new clothes really worth that sadness and scale of impact? And what was the alternative to buy? 



Beautifully Reimagine


We-Resonate pieces are rich in story, beautiful craftsmanship and rooted in reimagining.

Through creativity we can reimagine the future, revealing more nourishing ways of doing things, from food, community to fashion for whole communities.

Believing in our imagination, matters.


We-Resonate was born. I chose the name because I wanted my message to resonate, like ripples through water, on this tide of change. 4 years later this has come to represent the power of self resonance, from the inside out.
Today, the most beautiful impact being feedback of the coaching and of the dresses and the ceremonial use in experiencing the most sacred moments.
A common thread between receivers of this work is the belief in a world where beauty isn’t in what we’re told to believe in but who we are and what we uniquely hold close to our hearts.


My love affair with creative expression started with a dressing up box I was given as a child by my great Aunt Ivy. It was stashed full of outlandish, flamboyant, beautiful chiffon gowns. Aunt Ivy was an icon to me, fun and fearless, seeking beauty in everyday life and in others. 
Determined to study Art I graduated in 2008 in Printed Textile Design at Winchester School of Art, during I developed a keen visual interest in landscapes impacted by industrialisation. After Uni I created lush A1 silk paintings and then moved to New York for a year to work as a printed scarf designer. 


I began with my collection of vintage silk scarves, from Hell's Kitchen Flea market when I lived in New York to Portabello Road. They were perfect, existing fabrics, often frayed around the edges and each a different unique print. I found Sigita, my seamstress in South London, a bespoke bridal specialist in silk and we made the first dress for me. I was sick of overdesigned, restrictive womenswear and loved the layered oversized freedom of menswear. I decided on a slip dress, the perfect style and timeless canvas for a patchwork of silks. I would make the dresses iconic, with a strong look, like a woman with a centre parting in her hair. The silks would be patched at the centre in a balance of equal parts. I wore the first dress to a wedding – and felt on top of the world!


Sensing Self


With curious self discovery, we can explore what’s driving us and why.


Here is where we begin new, clearer paths for ourselves, communities and future generations, and feel the peace within.


6 years ago Elsie and the idea of We-Resonate came into this world, now my little girl is going to school and we've made 60+ dresses, helped the vision of 100+ people, met a tribe of incredible souls and learnt a hell of a lot about how we can support our world

Part of me looked back and started analysing leaving McQueen to be more in Elsie's life and wondered where was my career now and I started to feel unaccomplished yet that was our comparison culture talking, not me. 

The narrative of mothers is sadly still not a respected role, when in fact it is the most important role in society, to raise conscious beings. We can have the same undervalue of Mother Earth, who provides for us and yet we take advantage.

If all mothers were truly valued, cherished, supported, protected, nurtured, cared for and loved we would have so many more beautiful things as well as children emerging.

I had the love, time and support, and so was able to birth We-Resonate and a new perspective. I was privileged, I had time and drive. Maternity leave and policy must be better but also all our mindsets. Encourage, embrace the mummas, realise all mums are doing the best they can and know how to. Having a 'village' to support is vital.

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