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Creativity on Demand - 3 key things to enjoy the process.

In the creative industries we are often called on quickly to find a solution. Sometimes to things we have no passion for..... here are 3 key things I have to offer here on enjoying the ride:

a) Find the meaning for you, the beauty behind a quest. It could be the smallest task mundane job, but even this can thrive from the most engaged, present you. It doesn't even have to take that long - just allow yourself to give to it. This is what inspiration does for us, it makes us see the beauty of its possibilities. So whether it is inspiration or better yet, start with 'what could it be' when asking your imagination.

b) Have perspective. If the task given or in hand seems non sensical to be doing, have that conversation with who it involves, better yet, do what does matter and ask for forgiveness later. It can be a fine line between a + b.

c) Crucially you must prioritise your energy. I have shown above that creative tasks are nourishing to our wellbeing. Its circular, the more creative we are the more nourished, the more nourished the more creative. It is imperative that a creative has a consistent 'top up time'. In the Artist Way Julia calls this the Artist's Date. Setting an hour or 3 aside each week to get lost in your world of inspiration, whether thats a museum, a book, a podcast, a mediation. Somewhere which evokes your joy, ups your inner energy and where you feel the true beauty, the true expanse of possibilities a creative mind can have. This is also a great place to start when we don't know where to.

Creativity can be our way back to our full selves, present + in joy.

Here we have began seeing the power of when we clear the way for curiosity to flow. This is the biggest tool to set creativity free. When we can follow curiosity our imaginations ignite. In this article I hope you find tools to allow and give permission to either begin or better - get lost in your pursuits.

In curiosity we find the beauty of where we want to go.

If you'd like to delve into your mindset behind creativity schedule a call with me here. I work with clients to empower their creativity, often who seek a change, more strength or a way to do things differently.

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