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Create Your Intentions - The Most Important Art Making Ever...

'mind maps, vision boards and dreaming with some very inspiring women’ ~ Lorna

‘extremely creative, thought provoking (not naff) and we were asked to think about what we really want, our needs & our dreams’

~ Dominique

On Wednesday 1st May ten wonderful women came together to share stories and support making new ones. The evening was held at Punk me Up Cafe, a creative hub in South London who's ethos is to

'See things differently'.

Workshop Niche:

Art piece vision boards (Solving the ugly flaw of vision boards.).

I'm an artist + designer, my take on these vision boards is alternative. For years I'm made them, but they've always got lost, having it on my wall was too personal and didn't go with the decor. What if this powerful collage was an art piece that only you knew what it stands for? Its metaphoric and beautiful, an original piece of art (that you've made!) that can be enjoyed by everyone. The format also allows you to add post workshop, what Erin's already done... (before + after).


1. More knowledge - Choices are at the source of fulfilment. Lack of time is the enemy. Would we make better choices with more time, more perspective, more knowledge - of course.

2. Defunct Habits - why do we buy clothes? Ingrained in our core is that joy of holding a new shopping bag, but does it bring you happiness long term? Here we tune into whats really makes us tick.

Suddenly time spent on what you really want and what you really care about becomes the most important exercise EVER.

The scientific proof of visual manifesting

'From a neuroscientific point of view, images speak far more effectively to the brain’s deep subconscious than language.' Dr Tara Swart

Pictures resonate more deeply than words alone, because they bypass the cerebral cortex, where language is processed, and register directly with the intuitive (limbic) and visual (occipital) parts of the brain...' Dr Tara Swart

The result being the images become imprinted on your mind as such, so when an opportunity arrises you more likely to take it.

Dr Tara Swart a neuroscientist, leadership coach help leaders in business to achieve a competitive edge by understanding and improving the physical condition of their brains + has through her Book 'The source'.

Simply look at Tara's Press Page and choose the article that resonates with you.

In Conversation

As we introduced ourselves, it was clear most of the group were ready to set intentions and had been looking for this opportunity, for one, it offered a hassle free way of cracking on with it. From urges to hand-make, to time needed for investigating, to setting absolute desires, everyone had a unique story to tell of why they were here..

As we listened to each other we were transported away from our own lives, allowing us to see ourselves with that outside perspective, How lucky we are, How different we are.. How would I love to describe myself, What are my strengths, My goals?...


So what are your Curiosities + your Intentions?

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