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The Thoughtful Society

After The Rethink Gathering the need for conversations continued.. Katie interviewed me for the Dulwich Diverter a few months ago and we instantly found much in common. We set up The Thoughtful Society, Katie, a great writer (see below for her words for Below the River blog) and me as the visual/event organising side! A perfect match!.. heres Katie..

'Everyone’s trying to go plastic-free these days. You can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone wielding an oat milk latte in a KeepCup. But what if you want to consider different ways to live even more sustainably? Sometimes it helps to meet like-minded local folk.

We were inspired to set up The Thoughtful Society by our interest in living more sustainably – and a desire to meet other people who share our low-level panic about climate change and all the other frankly terrifying things humans are wreaking on the planet.

Modelled on the idea of 18th-century salons, when people would gather over a beverage (possibly whilst reclining on a chaise longue) to discuss the issues of the day, it aims to bring together people who are interested in exploring more sustainable, ethical and – yes – thoughtful ways of living in a non-threatening and hopeful atmosphere. Tempted?

The launch night is from 7pm, Wednesday 28th November, at eatery and zero waste shop 2Girls’ Café in Peckham. The evening begins with a talk by Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin (pictured above), authors of new book Craftfulness, which considers how making things with our hands can be a mindful act that helps us to slow down – and can also help us consume less.

The night ties in with Make Smthing Week – the global movement which opposes the annual festival of extravagant greed that is Black Friday – and Rosemary and Arzu will be teaching workshops in darning and bookbinding.'

Follow @thethoughtfulsociety on Insta for more info. First night is 28th Nov, tickets £10 from Eventbrite – which includes a free glass of prosecco, the workshop and a 5% donation to charity.

Main image: Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin (photo credit John Sanders)

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