The Florence Dress, Kimono or Top (Deposit)

The Florence Dress, Kimono or Top (Deposit)


Ready to feel on top of the world, without harming it?


Please Note - £200 Deposit 

Total Prices are per style ~ Long Slip Dress £330, Long Bow Dress £380, Kimono £360, Top £200, Mini Dress £230. See images for different styles.


Vintage Silks

The Florence Dress combines vintage coral floral and stripe silks. One by Torrento Paris which I believe to be made in Japan mid 80's and another is a 70's silk navy and coral strip by Lehner (since 1938), made in Switerland. A 70's brushed floral Maxime Mandin sits with a 80's floral sourced from California.


Your Size

Made to your measurements ~ After placing your desposit here book your Zoom call with Lizzie HERE to confirm style (you can change your mind) and sizing (using our easy guide here


One of a Kind 

There is only enough fabric for 1 piece, how beautiful is that! It will be saved under your name in our archive to record it's being and uniqueness. 


That's Different! 

Only you know what you love, so why not be part of the design process? You can see the process above or read about Olivia's Made for You Dress experience here.