How would describe yourself and your style?

I collect a lot of outfits due to my career as an actor so I'd say eclectic and relaxed. You could also say many different things thrown together haphazardly!


What's been a goal of yours, whether in life or the last week? Clothing/ lifestyle/ holiday

I'd love to be calmer and practise mindfulness regularly. I've had to be very in tune with my body, I've even homemade all my skincare products! However mentally, to be more relaxed consistently, is more challenging, especially with a toddler.


What eco brands or products do you love?

We-Resonate because the dresses are so beautiful!! I love the easy, bohemian-like styles and I feel gorgeous whenever I get to try them on. Also my homemade oil cleanser!


What encourages you to be interested in buying or living more consciously or what's holding you back?

My daughter's health, you want to give them the best start and with reports on how bad we eat as children, I'm passionate about making sure she eats in a way that couldn't cause her problems later in life. Also my own health which both encourages me and holds me back when I'm restricted on what food I can eat.


Can you give an example of something you might feel guilty about buying, but you've just got to have it? (because we are all human right)

Fruit and Veg at the supermarket with all that packaging. Insane.


What's the best part of sustainable or mindful living and where do you go to for inspiration?

My Yoga with Adriene, she works to 'Balance and calm your nervous system so you can experience a happy and healthy life. In order to be your best and do your best you must take care of yourself.'

I also use the Breethe App!


Do you have your own website or instagram you'd like to share and tell us a bit about? Or a favourite one you think needs to be shared!

I'm part of the Actors Temple, a community built out of a desire for connection with others and to balance the isolation that can arise from life as a working actor. I also teach US Accents here, a great place to be involved in.