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What’s in that wardrobe...? A free shopping spree (and mind cleanse).

Before you shop new, work your way to enlightenment by shopping from what you've already got.

(Then you’ll have that extra spending money for more special pieces!)

Here are some options:

1. Get an App - they fix all our needs... right? On Stylebook you can add piece my piece, plan outfits and see what you've got when your about the buy you 30th knit jumper (that's just me). I'm currently uploading my wardrobe and the first step is the hardest. But lets not take for granted how good it feels when you know you're in control, I've only just started and I feel Zen already. Visit Stylebook to see how to use it.

2. Have a wardrobe edit with a Stylist. WAIT. No Joke. This can be a life changer. A therapy session and a detox. Brave the opinion of an expert and get unbiased advice PERSONAL to you. Visit the lovely Rupa at Rue Belle.

3. An Edit with a friend, or a brutal edit with yourself. Hide the No's and play 'do you miss it'.. then charity shop/ Ebay if you have the energy.

Please note! Never put any clothing in your bin. Do the world a favour and wash it, then put in your nearest clothing bank.

1/3 of clothes across the UK end up in the bin,

despite the fact that unwearable clothing can be recycled into new items like insulation or even used in circular technology.





Happy New Year!


ps - what's really stopping you? Do you need to repair pieces, one day dreaming of making something shorter, love the small things too much.. let me know ...

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