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Doing comes from Being. The Mission Statement explained.

We-Resonate Dress

Franzi from Female Narrative in We-Resonate

'We resonate a balance needed to live and perform optimally through creativity, self connection and curiosity. Originally and always designed with the need to treasure existing fabrics; rare vintage silks and to upcycle them. The dresses cross like compositions have come to reflect a moment of balance.'

The Mission Statement explained...

It's easy to get trapped into the fast paced, convenience driven world and life paths and with that, something has got to give and too many of us wait for breaking point. It's time to reflect.

What advice would you tell your younger self?

My answers range from, do exercise you love, notice the work you love, care less about what others think, spend more time with friends you resonate with, be curious. Ultimately....

Listen to yourself + explore.

As women we have the responsibility to step up and change the well beaten path of women, for girls today growing up picking at their bodies, being treated as one size fits all and being told of a multiple choice career-path.

A balance collage

A Balance Collage - 'In this moment'

How does this filter into us as women and in our fashion?

  • We follow our own advice (its a given that we all know this). 'Listen to yourself + explore.'

  • We stop caring about trends, being told what looks good and whats right for us.

  • We develop more trust in own intutition + less trust of profit led businesses.

  • Our confidence, creativity + expression turns into our own wonderful style.

  • Our wardrobes match our personalities.

What do we need for this?

Start with a plan, set intentions. This will create time, clear mental space and give you more moments to feel completely balanced in.

Join one of my workshops to set your intentions through creating. Include everything you want in your life. Experience the joy + almost medicinal affects of creating an intention board of what you’d like more of + take a piece of art you've made home.

Tool - notice your best moments, where you find your joy and your purpose, keep a list.

Heres to the ease of balance,

With Love,




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