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Any Style, your size. The Story of a Made For You Dress.

In July 2020 we made Olivia Pinnock, Fashion Journalist, her own Made For You We-Resonate Dress. Olivia also supplied her own scarves for an even more special piece. Read our conversation here:

1. Can you give an intro about the scarf collection you have, where did they come from? (we always love a scarf story!)

About 10 years ago I was in a vintage shop and I found a scarf with "Paris" written on it and illustrations of tourist sites across Paris. It was obviously a souvenir from someone's holiday several decades ago and I thought it was really charming. Then I started to notice that these tourist scarves are everywhere! Every time I was in a vintage shop I would rummage in their scarf bin looking for them and over the years I've built up quite a collection: London, Malta, Venice, Florence, . I just think they're so quirky and I love that they hold the memories of people's holidays. I often wear one when I'm travelling myself.

2. What has been your thought process of creating a dress with We-Resonate?

It's been quite a long time coming! I met Lizzie about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with We Resonate. I told her about my tourist scarves and she said she'd love to make a dress out of them but we never ended up discussing it further. I've thought about that conversation so often since then but I felt nervous about cutting up my scarf collection. At the same time, I could also see how they would get a lot more wear as a dress. While I was going back and forth on this in my mind, Lizzie reached out to me on Instagram to say she'd been thinking about our conversation too. I took it as a sign that the scarves were meant to become a beautiful dress so I decided to take the plunge. I have no regrets about it now!

3. Can you describe the process and what you liked about it, what surprised you?

The process was very simple and took a lot less time than I thought. Lizzie and I had a Zoom chat where I showed her my collection and we discussed what might work well together. I had a lot of fun showing off my scarves. I also took my measurements while on the call, which was helpful to have her on standby to make sure I was doing it right! I then posted my scarves to her (I sent a few more than we needed so she had something to play with and find the best solution). Before the making began, Lizzie sent me a digital mock-up of what the dress would look like and gave me some options for how the back could look. I think the thing that surprised me was how much the dress looks like the mock up, I knew exactly what to expect. Within a few weeks she posted the finished dress along with the scarves we didn't use back to me and now it's hanging in my wardrobe.

4. What stands out about We-Resonate?

As someone who works in fashion, you can get a bit fatigued with seeing new brands all the time and it's rare that one really catches your eye. We Resonate's dresses were love at first sight for me. The very contemporary silhouettes paired with a completely unique design from the scarves is the perfect balance of fashionable and timeless. I'm very drawn to colour and Lizzie does such a great job of experimenting with exciting colour and print combinations.


Thank you Olivia. If you would like to supply your own scarves for a Made for You Dress please get in touch!

If you have questions about the Made For You Dresses and would like to discuss, please feel free to book a No Obligation Zoom Call with me by emailing (Please choose 30 mins any Weds 9am - 11am or Thurs 7pm - 9pm).

Much Love,


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