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Workshops ~ Create Your Intentions ~ Mindmapping + Vision Boards with We-Resonate

Preparation List:

Please gather the following:

10+ Magazines (you'll have around an hour to go through these)


4-5 sheets Plain A4

A3 Card + bulldog clip for mounting + hanging - you can get this later.

2 Pens/Pencils


Set yourself up for greatness:

Find a space with no interruptions (tell the space sharers!) You will need a large area to spread out all the magazine cuttings, a clear table/floor/bed. If you can please use a large screen device so you can see slides easily. Finally... bring your cuppa + get comfy.


Prep Exercise (to get the most benefit from the workshop)

Simply start noting what experiences/moments light you up, when you feel the most fulfilled and content. Use Friday as a day to notice this. Alternatively or as well, go through your phone or the liked images on your social media noting anything that makes you feel a spark of joy.


Gain more focus, time and joy through mind mapping and creating a 'not your normal' vision board.


About this Event

Lizzie Founder of We-Resonate will be leading a small group on this hands-on workshop, helping those taking part to nurture their creativity and life objectives through mind mapping and vision boards. You’ll leave brimming with clarity and a fresh grounding.


Our experiences this year have exposed our souls and illuminated our values. Before we return to a new normality lets snapshot our learnings and use them as values for the future.


You’ll be making a beautiful artwork (no skills needed) of your small joys and big dreams as a tool to focus and uplift the rest of your year.


Here you will connect with what you want from life, leaving with this reminder in form of an artwork, your vision board. You can enjoy your creation as a piece of art as well as the benefits of its manifesting nature



Pursue joy, deliberately.

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