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Inside Out ~ Access the change you want to see in the world.

Can we start with Brene Brown's vulnerability movement, Russell Brand's spiritual research, Oprah Winfrey's Soul Stories, Jameela Jamil's iWeigh Movement and Scilla Elworthy's message of a crucial goal, peace in self and communities. All point to a common theme. The power of our own self. This power of understanding, listening and communicating with our self heals our own wounds and projects outwards, spreading peace.

Positive self-talk, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love are all powerful tools, but I needed to know why we do them, for what outcome. In fact, with no exaggeration, they are peace-making world changers. They access the change you want to see in the world.

Only a small percentage of us have grown up in very different lives. Most of us go to a mainstream school, watch commercial tv and follow conventional and commercial paths, and the same for your parents, perhaps. Habits can be formed in 14 days and its these habits that can affect who we think we are, how to live and what future we have.

I've met a lot of people around this world. By talking to all these different people from different places + paths I can see one commonality, we are what we experience.

What is your experience of power, of 'I'm doing great', I'm special, I'm lucky? A ego trip, your celebrations, how others perceive your belongings (jealousy, admiration), a bonus, a competition win...fill gap ......................

2 years ago I read Elkhart Toile's 'The Power of Now'. How we need nothing to have the most reliable, self benefitionial and world nourishing power. The list above relies on others to give us the power. Not only that but that kind of power can pitfall into greed, selfishness and hate, and there's no peace in that world.

Rupi Kaur quote

Since children we are often treated like a mass, subjected to a pathway made for all. From our education to culture's conditioning, there has been a curriculum and generations of nurturing children into striving for a destructive sort of power. We've trusted others, companies, doctors and more when they tell us whats wrong with us, what we need(!), what to buy with our hard earned money. We've worked for companies who take too much and give very little. We've worked so hard that we've had to trust others as we've had no time to think of the negative consequences or impacts on ourselves or others.

Now with technology we can see more clearly than ever the impact we have on the environment + other living beings. We turn to Mother Nature and try to understand how we can live in harmony, better yet in regeneration with her. The path of understanding the miracles that are our bodies and our minds (Hi Derren Brown) is illuminating, and empowering.

Rupi Kaur quote

To dive straight in here. If we are our Thoughts (Hola Joe Dispensa) and we've always been spoken to like a mass, shown only one well trodden path, then our thoughts become conventional too. From 35 years old we reach the hardest point there is in reprogramming our thoughts.

We're lucky enough to have choices in this 1st world and the freedom to choose anything (hows that for an unlimited belief). The obvious choices in society have been limited, its only with knowledge, education, others wisdom, google (aka accessibility) that we can broaden these. When have we truly be offered all the options? From our GCSE's and whether we need them (hear Jamie Oliver's story) to our healthcare options, to how we spend our weekends and how we spend our money.

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Throughout life we have a glimpse of our individual purpose and personality. The Universe is working to nudge us towards our path. You can feel this by your curiosities. That curious nature is what sparks excitement, joy and interest in our minds and from which we may well end in our purpose (Elizabeth Gilbert says this so well). I'm not afraid to use the word purpose and I define it currently as -

'what you are meant to be doing to give yourself more joy + satisfaction'

*please note the guilt free, most important fact in this post....

The more fulfilled (joy + satisfaction) we feel alongside our power (the good sort), the less critical and fearful we are of ourselves, others and the world. The more compassionate, forgiving + supportive we are to everyone else.

We know, if we love what we do, it is much easier to work on than if we didn't enjoy doing it. A purpose means you wake happy each day, are infrequently bored and can love the moments taken to reach that purpose..(curious of new paths? See Career Matters + Emma Gannon)

What the hell is my purpose? Its the journey of your curiosity to lead you into the future but also from our past. From our past we can learn what has enlightened us, limited us and driven us. This is fundamental knowledge of yourself and what makes us, ourselves.


In conclusion. The greatest power we can possess comes from seeing ourselves humbly as unique, powerful beings. What do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? (Thank you Mary Oliver) With a light mind follow your curiosities + believe you have purpose here.

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