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TRUE STYLE NOTES: Dripping in Chiffon - Florence + Stevie

In 2015 Nowness presented with Apartment mag series (directed by Barbara Anastaco) the homes of a famous few and showed us their human nature and personal treasures.

'Clothes are my passion and my downfall... its a way to be creative.. I like the past in objects' - Florence Welsh shares her Freida inspired bathroom, lyric swamped desk and inspires me to constantly keep a treasured sketchbook of... whatever.

Images from her book 'Useless Magic'

I first saw Florence and the Machine at Terminal 5 in Manhattan back in 2011 when I lived over there, hand painting and designing scarf prints and creating collections..

Her performance was enchanting. Her sense of self, her movement, her use of fabric made the performance captivating for me.

Inspired by Stevie Nicks, both redefine the beauty of scarves and silks, using them to create eye catching dream-like presence.

The power of the feminine.

As for Stevie, her image, inspired by audience member dripping in chiffon, defines sexy as mysterious and a force of femininity.

Richard McCaffrey/Getty Images - Link to Rolling Stones Article via image

“There is always magic to be summoned at any point. I love to live in a world of magic, but not a fake world of magic. We all really basically have a lot of magic … it’s only those of us that choose to accept it that really understand it. It’s there for everyone. That’s the only thing that I feel that I am able to give to people and that’s why I know that they respond to me because I try to give them only their own magic … not mine but theirs.” –via Jim Ladd Interview (1979)

“I’m timeless. I got that Dickensian, London street-urchin look in high school. I’ll never be in style, but I’ll always be different.” –via USA Today (1991)

Like Florence, both powerful poets, dark romantics and fearless magic seekers. Go look through an old journal or a notebook and see what magic you've been creating.

Whats your power? Who's your muse?

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