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LFW Sept 18 : Vogue Editor mentions We-Resonate

Clare Press, the Sustainability Editor-at-large for Australian Vogue wrote this article for Common Objective, a new platform at the forefront of sustainable fashion.

'Slow fashion at London Fashion Week .... No need for speed was a discernible London theme. A satellite event, Behind the Brands: Deconstructing Slow Fashion (LDC Concept Store we showcase at), allowed a peek behind the studio scenes of sustainable brands including Gung Ho, (known for her embroidery and talking point designs), and upcycled silk label We-Resonate.'

Read more here - To be mentioned alongside huge names is a big step for We-Resonate, it's still the first year of launching and the future is bright.


I've worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years now, seeing collections get bigger, more diluted, more profit driven (think logos and polyester). So when Clare also writes about iconic brands reducing their collections, this was music to my ears....

'JW Anderson announced plans to slow down, scaling back from six own-label collections to two a year (he’s also the creative director of Loewe, so that presumably has something to do with it). For his Spring ’19 LFW show, Anderson centred the importance - and soul - of craft...'

Soulful is the perfect word to describe craft. A brilliant place to see this is Artisan and Fox's concept store ''The Oasis' showcasing the extraordinary richness of crafted products from around the world.


To conclude with the future of all of this. In the highly influential Fashion Revolution Fanzine, Rebecca Earley describes the future that resonates with me..

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