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The Rethink Gathering - PART 1 - The power of conversation.

A study by Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than on material things.

Why? Are experiences the trend, are millennials frivolous with money, or is it an investment in their wellbeing, character, happiness, and life's balance..?

Are the experiences routed in the activity, the place or the people they meet?

(I am 32, and therefore a millennial before I sound anything other)

Since launching We-Resonate in March this year I've met amazing people. It is these conversations that inspire The Rethink Gathering.

These people all have:

  • different views on todays life

  • different backgrounds, from around the world

  • different ideas as to what happens now

  • different educations, from school, to influencers to life.


It lead me to ask why are conversations so powerful?

  • to connect with others. To feel part of something, to relate, to help, to get help.

  • to connect the dots. Our brains are wired to find the missing piece and find it fascinating. For example, I recently went of a Tour of the V+A, in a room taken from the mid-1800s, a long table was described as a board. This is where Bed+Board comes from. I hope you get my point!

Everything I'm interested in pursuing points to


- and finding this by connecting our own curiosity dots. So what makes us individual? In essence, I believe it to be our personalities and thoughts. No one on this planet has the exact same. Incredible. Why don't we celebrate these more? In Emma Gannon's 'Multi-Hyphen Method', she suggests this is our true strength. We don't have to try at it, it makes us 100% authentic and it is our USP.

'Knowing your USP (what makes you tick) can be used for a more fulfilled life, in wellness, work and even in our style.'

Yes this may be a big question and a daunting thought to be known and judged for being exactly who you are. Maybe we would sound, look and act righteous? In the TED Talk 'The Magic of not giving a F***' by Sarah Knight addresses this, it doesn't mean you can't be kind and professional.

Maybe we all subconsciously follow what makes us tick, but couldn't we get there quicker if we really understood it? Since leaving my full-time role in the fashion industry I have actively sort out similar minded people, discovered in-depth, a industrial movement, talked ideas that stir my soul and feel 100% on the right path. What stopped me doing this before? Lack of time and energy due to burn out and over-commitments... this was not beneficial to me, I didn't think about doing it differently. I also didn't have a cause because I didn't appreciate my value or influence (I'm talking being a mum, not a superstar)

To reference The Multi-Hyphen Method again (big fan), today's culture is shifting as new ways are proven to get the best from employees, and employees from their lives. A more sustainable approach. The more flexibility we have in our weekly lives allows for opportunities in pursuing.... the rest of life, and being the better for it.

Win a copy of Emma's Book at The Rethink Gathering, 19th Sept.

By purchasing a ticket here, you'll be automatically entered into the Draw, with the option of buying more tickets on the night - all proceeds go to the Charity Labour behind the Label

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