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The Ethicologist interviewed Lizzie in March 2018 to discuss We-Resonate, its background and future.

We-Resonate started because I wasn't ready to use new materials, I immediately cut out any chance of unethical practises by using vintage fabrics.

My ethos is the alternative way of doing fashion, to be more than fashion, it has to be integrated into your lifestyle. A slow paced fashion growing naturally and being very considerate.

I've had to consider the fabrics I buy, I've learnt what silks I can't buy into due to quality. A lot of fabrics that I can use are damaged because they've been around for 30 years, so I repurpose the sections that can be re-used and use their beauty considerately.


It began with a dress for me, I wanted to look different and to spend my money on something I knew was doing good. I found it difficult to find ethical fashion that was stylish.

The dresses are inspired by my work in luxury fashion, they are the essence of luxury encapsulated with an ethical core and accessible price tag. The cost is based on the quality of design and making, as well as in line with my competitors.

People who take their health really seriously and are mindful. They're conscious of the need to start shopping considerately.


'....Regarding worker exploitaion, someone asked me 'if you don't give them jobs what will they do?' We're not saying no to a fashion industry we're asking for a better one. We need to be more in touch with where we're getting our products from. The assumption we make in our trust for a brand is dangerous. there's no knowing. Who are we trusting? People that want to make money first and that's not trustworthy. ..'

Thanks to The Ethicologist who are helping the growth of the ethical fashion industry by analysing and researching market trends and buying behaviours.

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