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12 Alternative and Amazingly Eventful Gift ideas for Christmas 2017!

Ready for the perfect presents For Her, For Him, For Everyone?

Wait! Before you buy actual products (coming next blog post!) stun your loves with an experience. Love them or hate them (because they don’t come in a big wrapped up box!) these gifts can give the best memories.

I just took my good friend Corinne to a Yin Yoga workshop and she loved it...I even got a thank you card!

Here are some other ideas:​

#1 Theatre show / Concert - find out their favourite band or introduce them to new music. Jazz clubs are great. Ronnie Scotts is an iconic place to visit.

#2 Air bnb experiences – weave your own scarf in a historic textile mill takes my fancy! Others include coffee tasting, dance nights, woodworking and cooking workshops.

#3 Wine tasting – try Nottinghill wine shops!

#4 Afternoon Tea – For elegance try Browns in London, they have lovely live piano music in the background (check what times you book!).

#5 A Massage – try a local organic place or Cowshed knows how to look after you and your dearest!

#6 Date Night Invitation – Cook a dinner, get babysitters or just book a table at a special restaurant. Pedler in Peckham Rye (London) is perfect for this.

#7 A Weekend Away – check out the secret escapes website, air bnb or just a stay with friends! Getting it booked is the hardest part, well for me anyway, so a perfect gift. A great setting like the Peak District helps you slow down and see life for what it really is. Check out Bleak Cottage on Air bnb.

#8 A Group Holiday in a family villa or an air bnb – Pitch in for Quality time. Relaxing is a must and no arguing. Plan what to do - my brother always brings a brilliant board game.

Or a subscription?

#9 Spotify/Apple Music or a music membership – any song at your finger tips. Instead of guessing what they listen to, let them pick.

#10 Audible – subscription to an audio book service. I was never an audio book listener but suddenly realised how great it is, especially when the books are narrated by their authors, for example Vivenne Westwood and Elizabeth Gilbert.

#11 Headspace - A well designed mindfulness by mediation app. Can be used by anyone and squeezed into the busiest of lives. Presented by the gently spoken Andy, a modern day monk. The animations are insightful and adorable.

#12 Magazine subscription - So along as you know their hobbies this is a great gift. Google for discount buys.

I hope this has inspired you to go for a different type of gift this year. These gifts will show the love you have for someone and they won't forget it. These choices can help change the material consumption culture of today (bit by bit me). Celebrate what really counts, people and our relationships.

For that extra mile, see if you can choose and therefore support local, independent businesses.

Follow me on Instagram @resonatepicks for more gift ideas, or just gorgeous inspirations for you!

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