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5 beautiful tricks for ethical gift giving this Christmas

The festive season is upon us! Ready to hear your favourite tune? I personally cannot wait for many mulled wines after being (fairly) sober for the last two Christmas' (baby related)!

To inspire beautiful gifts, conscientious cards and helping to reduce stress here is Resonate's tricks for gift wrapping and card choosing that will make you feel good (as well as impressing your loved ones!)

#1 Cards – The debate continues between the amount of paper used in Christmas cards and the age-old tradition of handwritten best wishes continues. Meet half way and choose recyclable charity cards.

For the best collection of charity Christmas cards visit

#2 Gift wrap

Gift bags - This may be an unspoken trick but the best ethical gift wrap would be to re-use the gift bags from last year, maybe with a piece of fresh tissue paper recycled. (

Easy wrapping - Silk Ribbons, eco gift wrap and stylish brown paper

Another option is the traditional and where the unwrapping delight is made. The normal ones we buy aren’t recyclable, perhaps an assumption we all make. These ones are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, printed in the UK using only vegetable based ink and most of all, well designed.


#3 Tags

Why are these tiny things so expensive? Save buying just packaging and cut up last years cards for individual, exclusive tags. Your friends will love your creativity!

#4 Ribbon – What’s more luxurious than real silk satin ribbon? Use it, re-use it. No waste needed! Get yourself to your local haberdashery, craft shop or online. Just iron out after every use.

#5 Pre Selected Gift boxes

I’ve seen a few Gift boxes this year, marketed as saving you time and being a more considered gift. These empathetically pre-selected collection of lovelies can be for a range of different people. The green tulip offer ethically inspired products that act as a care package as well as testers for new brands. What’s not to love?

Ultimate Christmas 'Survival Box'

‘The perfect eco friendly Christmas gift for those who lead very hectic lives and need some help to recharge over the intense Christmas period. With this gift set they can fill their bathroom with a lovely uplifting fragrance and take time out in a prosecco or gin scented bath with a cup of herbal tea. Bliss!’


Or make your own? I’d love bath bubbles, with a yummy candle with a glass of prosecco!

Wishing you all happy buying (and card writing!).

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