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Can't all fashion be great fashion?

I'm not a writer.

I've been thinking a lot about my last post and the way I wrote it, and whether that's the way I'd like Resonate to be perceived. My way of putting forward my message is in this brand you see, in the craft I know, design not words. I have a conflict of wanting to loudly argue about fast fashion as well as to help consumers make ethical choices. But who wants to listen to an angry woman talking about human suffering. Resonate is pro choices, showing options to choose clothing that supports hard work, fair pay and fights climate change. Choices need some back up so when I do talk serious, it's because this stuff is real and just as mega as it seems.  

High street brands are trying to look as though they are combating fast fashion, but it's difficult for them not to seem like they are contradicting themselves. Creating that much product in the first place is the problem; no additional line, collaboration, award or good slogan tote is going to hide that.

Tote from H&M conscious line. 

Can't 'great fashion' be all fashion? And all fashion be great fashion?

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