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Resonate's first public appearance was on Instagram as @resonatepicks. I thought if I wanted to start an ethical fashion label it is vital to see what's already on offer.

Now, a few months on, this blog will be the sister to @resonatepicks with more content and as a place that's easy to use when redirecting to other cool things.

Since finding other ethically based brands it has felt like a network, all of us supporting a cause, rather than feelings of competition. That's why I believe in being transparent in our startup and inspirations, as sharing what we know can help our development aswell as others.

As a mother, which was the changing point of starting my own business, my drive is to uncover bit by bit and aid the possibilities and ways we can choose to live without causing suffering to place, animal or person. Just one good choice makes waves. I hope this resonates with you, and you join us on our discovery.

Welcome to Resonate's Blog!

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