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Cool tees. Ethical ethos. These are your essentials...

T-shirt’s are available a plenty, right? I’m finding it harder than I thought to find one with a sustainable fabric or even made in the UK. Above all, it’s tricky to find one that’s just… cool.

1. Vestaire vintage tee £££

Amazing finds for vintage gold! Perfect for authentic band tees. These are pieces that have and will keep their value.

2. Yunit ££ - For Stylish Basics

For the plain simple jersey styles. Because sometimes all you want is a plain black tshirt. ‘James Dean knew it. Steve Jobs knew it. Hell, even Pamela Anderson knew it. A T-shirt suits you no matter what. Whether you’re street racing or modern- day inventing (or just looking really really hot); a great fitted T-shirt will do the trick. That is why we make T-shirts for everyone, suitable for every occasion at any time.’ Yunit originated from the philosophy that people have more similarities than differences. Beautiful instagram too.

​3. COCO ROSES APPAREL £- for graphics

Cool, timeless prints. Pro Sisterhood. I've just brought 2.

So very affordable. Batch printed, made in the uk, Oeko-tex certified white cotton, pro slow fashion and supporting charities are their contributions to ethical fashion.

Plus I love their ethos:

Coco Roses is a lifestyle brand for peaceful warriors.

4. WWF £ - 100% no messing. Save the world option:

It was great to wear this as something that was more than a piece of clothing, when I wear it I'm standing for something and making a statement. I also brought matching ones for baby and me. The amount of information on hangtags..!!! Certified organic cotton and fair trade and more. They produce in India for a bulk/mass market, working sustainably with the market's demand.

5. Absolutely Bear £ - for Him.

I’d like these guys to be the new Ralph Lauren of mens jersey. My husband is converted. Super soft and perfect weight fabric, nice fit with a neat, not overdesigned logo.

Can you add to this list?

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