How would describe yourself and your style?

Technicolour vintage minimalism: I'm a bit of a hippie at heart, and I have a soft spot for Rainbow Brite. At the same time, I feel drawn to the serenity of sophisticated purism and Zen à la Scandi style and Japanese minimalism.


What's been a goal of yours, whether in life or the last week? Clothing/ lifestyle/ holiday

Learn as much as possible. I've always admired all-round geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci. It's impossible to know everything, but I'd like to gain as much wisdom as I can: through listening to people's stories, reading, mindfulness and learning from life itself.


What eco brands or products do you love?

Here in Amsterdam, I love Geitenwollenwinkel. The name means "goats' wool sock shop", which they roughly translate as "shop for mueslis". Their styles are great, they have superb service, and they're super nice.


What encourages you to be interested in buying or living more consciously or what's holding you back?

I want to leave the world a little better than I found it, and treading lightly is a big part of that. But I think living consciously still has to become way easier. We need clearer, more ubiquitous info about recycling, for example, and more public campaigns that promote eco-friendly behaviour. Green modes of transport should also be subsidised to be cheaper than those that produce lots of emissions or use lots of fossil fuels.


Can you give an example of something you might feel guilty about buying, but you've just got to have it? (because we are all human right)

Cheese! Without it, I think I could easily go vegan.


What's the best part of sustainable or mindful living and where do you go to for inspiration?

I love shopping in organic supermarkets because I love the scents. And then, the ethical community ... wherever I go, there are always lovely, creative people trying to do the right thing.


Do you have your own website or instagram you'd like to share and tell us a bit about? Or a favourite one you think needs to be shared!

My day job is all about helping ethical businesses woo customers from around the world and keep them happy. Visit us at from-scratch.net


What's your way to escape or refresh? 

I'm a bit addicted to knitting, crochet and cross stitch. So relaxing...