The Lila Dress, Kimono or Top (Deposit)

The Lila Dress, Kimono or Top (Deposit)


Ready to feel on top of the world, without harming it?


Please Note - £200 Deposit 

Total Prices are per style ~ Long Slip Dress £330, Long Bow Dress £380, Kimono £360, Top £200, Mini Dress £230. See images for different styles.


Vintage Silks

The Lila Dress speaks to the pastel frenzy of today with a classic Richard Allan blue silk combined with the lilac and pink softness of a 60's paisley and 80's square geo. The Bow Dress also features an 80's pucci-esque paisley and stunning silk jacquard. It's your choice!


Your Size

Made to your measurements ~ After placing your desposit here book your Zoom call with Lizzie HERE to confirm style (you can change your mind) and sizing (using our easy guide here


One of a Kind 

There is only enough fabric for 1 piece, how beautiful is that! It will be saved under your name in our archive to record it's being and uniqueness. 


That's Different! 

Only you know what you love, so why not be part of the design process? You can see the process above or read about Olivia's Made for You Dress experience here.


  • Sizing

    This dress is our 'Made for You concept' - made to your measurements.

    All there is to do is your measurements (from home with our instructions!) or with us over a Zoom video call.

  • Delivery and Returns

    • Free courier delivery to the UK Mainland
    • Europe courier delivery £25 by Parcel Force.
    • International courier delivery £36 by Parcel Force.
    • For Returns see our FAQ's


  • Fabric & Care


    • Vintage print and fabric
    • Most silk - exact content unknown due to vintage origin.
    • Washed and revived. 
    • Silks over 30 years old, when fabrics were woven with the ultimate fibres and construction.


    • Hand Wash or DryClean
    • Use our Hand Wash service, same cost as Dry Cleaning.
    • Light Iron
    • See Care tab for more information.


    On receiving the dress you'll find a note with the best ways to wear and care for your dress. Very rarely do we need to repair a dress, however incase of any accidents we want the dress to go on living! We offer repairs too, which may incur costs to cover our seamstress's time. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

  • Brand Ethics

    We are a conscious eco + social business, putting the health of humanity & our planet before profit. 

    • Each fabric is hand selected for their colour compositions & artistic prints and created by our small, fairly paid team of seamstresses.
    • We bypass the fabric making, dying, etc. process (along with the social & environmental issues that come with them) by ethically sourcing existing silk fabrics.

    We are 'Triple Sustainable' each purchase:

    • Reduces the production of new materials, 
    • Reduces textile waste, 
    • Supports a small business that supports a fair-workplace.
  • Value

    The value of a locally handmade, unique piece of clothing, made from historic fabrics is a soulful and quality investment.

    Each We-Resonate piece has a unique number on it's label (+ website page), like a limited edition print, but this is an original. With this number we track its history and extend its story into the future. The piece is forever a part of the We-Resonate archive online, showing the date, who brought it and who made it to future owners.

    We offer a buy back scheme so please get in touch

  • Imperfections

    • The fabrics used are mostly over 30 years old.
    • They are selected for their high quality.
    • However, due to their age, small imperfections or colour differences can be seen on the fabrics. We have a tolerance level as we believe these minor imperfections also bring beauty and history to the piece.
    • We can only say, show these pieces care and love (whilst having fun) and they’ll last you many lifetimes.