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Jil Dress / Made for You

Jil Dress / Made for You


M A D E . F O R . Y O U .

Feel free and feel yourself in your exact size.

That super easy, chic dress that you can wear to so many occasions. Style over tops for an effortless look or with your go-to necklace and heels for parties all year round.


  • As the only one of it's kind, due to the rare vintage fabric used, this dress size is one size – Your size, made in London. Same high quality as other dresses.
  • no darts, this dress skims the body in a flattering, effortless drape.
  • sophisticated side slit on your right side, 65cm high (unless otherwise stated).
  • vintage printed fabrics, washed and revived. Most of these fabrics are over 30 years old, when fabrics were woven with the ultimate fibres and construction.
  • beautifully made spaghetti straps. Bra-friendly when easily styled over a top. With no bra go nipple proud or wear petals (fabric or re-usable silicone ones available easily online)
  • maxi length, ideal to wear as is or with a belt.
  • 99% silk - exact content unknown due to vintage origin.


This is We-Resonate's ........ piece made (your unique number will be added to label) and was designed by Lizzie and made in ........... by Sigita in South London.



All there is to do is your measurements (from home with our instructions!) or visit us in Studio (for insider sneak peaks) and to be measured. Please note, these visuals are as close to the final dress as possible, during making there may be small differences. Based on measurements the back will have more panels. Order by 15th of the month to recieve the following month.

Contact us via email, phone or instagram for any questions or to check order.


Ready to feel on top of the world, without harming it?

  • Sizing

    This dress is our 'Made for You concept' - made to your measurements.

    All there is to do is your measurements (from home with our instructions!)or visit us in Studio (for insider sneak peaks) and to be measured.


  • Delivery and Returns

    Free courier delivery to the UK Mainland.

    International courier delivery approx £16.

    If you’re not completely happy with your beautiful piece let us know.

    As a Made for You item, you may return the dress for a partial refund.

    Just notify us within 14 days of receiving your order. Please return it unworn and in it's original condition so it can go to a new owner! Please see FAQ's for more infomation.


  • Care for Me

    The dresses are made with exceptional attention to detail and being silk shouldn’t stop you having fun. Best to be careful with any sharp edges like finger nails or jewellery. 


    HAND WASH - for a lovely shine and no toxic residue:



    Using delicate fabric handwash (we recommend Ecover) mix with room temperature water in a clean sink. Swish the fabric around for 5 minutes. Keep moving the fabric in the water so colours don’t transfer to other areas. For any stains use washing up liquid in that area, but try not to rub too hard as this can weaken or pull the yarns.



    Gently lift and softly press the fabric together to remove excess water (don’t squeeze or twist) then place in a bowl of cool/room temp water to rinse. When it comes to rinsing, add three or more tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. This will remove traces of the detergent and also restore the fabric’s natural shine. Don’t worry the smell will vanish when the piece dries. Alternatively rinse in just water and repeat process with a delicates softener.


    TO DRY

    Gently lift and softly press the fabric together to remove excess water. On a hanger, attach a folded towel (with safety pins), acting as a body for which the water will be absorbed. This also prevents any colours transferring from one area to another (check no fabric is touching eachother). It will dry within 3 hours if in a well-ventilated, ambient room.


    DRY CLEAN - 85% of dry cleaners use a toxic chemical called perc, that’s linked to respiratory issues, birth defects and air pollution. In the UK it is advised against childrenswear being dry cleaned – scary! Green and organic cleaners exist. If you have no option, ask your drycleaner to consider green processes, they often cost less and by asking you are showing them their market is changing, they should too.



    Use a steam iron, on a piece of clean white cotton. Iron on the wrong side with a low heat.

  • My Story

    We are a conscious brand with ethical motivations and mindful aspirations, we begin here:


    1. Each fabric is hand selected for their colour compositions & artistic prints and created by our small, fairly paid team of seamstresses.


    2. We bypass the fabric making, dying, etc. process (along with the social & environmental issues that come with them) by ethically sourcing existing silk fabrics.


    3. We are 'Triple Sustainable' each purchase:

    • Reduces the production of new materials, 
    • Reduces textile waste, 
    • Supports a small business that supports a fair-work place.
  • Customise

    We can have this altered to fit you perfectly! We would recommend trying on the dress before hand - and using local alteration places for adjustments.


    We can also do in house, see options below:

    Resize to lower size - £25

    Re-hem to your length - £20

    Re-do strap length - £5


    Why not visit our next event for a free personalised fitting.


    We can do alterations as quickly as possible but this can take time if during a busy period, please let us know the urgency.

  • Investment

    The value of a locally handmade, unique piece of clothing, made from historic fabrics is a soulful and quality investment.


    Each We-Resonate piece has a unique number on it's label, like a limited addition print, but this is an original. With this number we track its history and extend its story into the future. The piece is forever a part of the We-Resonate archive online, showing the date, who brought it and who made it to future owners.


    We-Resonate offer a buy back scheme so please get in touch.

  • Imperfections

    Honesty is a big part of our brand policy.


    The fabrics used are mostly over 30 years old.


    The are selected for theiir high quality and strength. However, due to their age, small imperfections or colour differences can be seen on the fabrics. We have a tolerance level as we believe these minor imperfections also bring beauty and history to the piece.


    We can only say, show these pieces care and love (whilst having fun) and they’ll last you many lifetimes.



Feel at ease by booking an enquiry call to meet Lizzie, discuss a Made for You piece or commission.

Begin the beautiful journey of Made for You or see if its for you.

On the call we can:
- choose prints that are you favourite
- discuss which style you like
- answer any questions you have.
no obligation to buy

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