Jil Dress / Made for You

Jil Dress / Made for You


M A D E . F O R . Y O U .

Feel free and feel yourself in your exact size.

That super easy, chic dress that you can wear to so many occasions. Style over tops for an effortless look or with your go-to necklace and heels for parties all year round.


  • As the only one of it's kind, due to the rare vintage fabric used, this dress size is one size – Your size, made in London. Same high quality as other dresses.
  • no darts, this dress skims the body in a flattering, effortless drape.
  • sophisticated side slit on your right side, 65cm high (unless otherwise stated).
  • vintage printed fabrics, washed and revived. Most of these fabrics are over 30 years old, when fabrics were woven with the ultimate fibres and construction.
  • beautifully made spaghetti straps. Bra-friendly when easily styled over a top. With no bra go nipple proud or wear petals (fabric or re-usable silicone ones available easily online)
  • maxi length, ideal to wear as is or with a belt.
  • 99% silk - exact content unknown due to vintage origin.


This is We-Resonate's ........ piece made (your unique number will be added to label) and was designed by Lizzie and made in ........... by Sigita in South London.



All there is to do is your measurements (from home with our instructions!) or visit us in Studio (for insider sneak peaks) and to be measured. Please note, these visuals are as close to the final dress as possible, during making there may be small differences. Based on measurements the back will have more panels. Order by 15th of the month to recieve the following month.

Contact us via email, phone or instagram for any questions or to check order.


Ready to feel on top of the world, without harming it?