How would describe yourself and your style?

My style is colourful, fun and out there. It is feminine, I love to dress up and experiment. I guess I watched too much of Sex and The City growing up but whatever I wear it needs to be comfortable so no high heels, really. Also I feel very good in sportswear which might seem like a complete opposite of what I just said but that's how I balance out my life. It's the same with my personality. I can be very active and excited when I am with people but I also need my time off to recharge.


What's been a goal of yours, whether in life or the last week? Clothing/ lifestyle/ holiday

I want to show that you can build successful business that contributes good to the world. I think too many people think of business as something that needs to crash everyone else to grow and I want to prove the opposite. I also want to inspire other woman to be in charge and creating their own thing. So lots to do. :)


What eco brands or products do you love?

I could go on forever but my main one would be Maison Cleo - a mother and daughter duo that hand-make their clothes in very limited amounts in France. Reformation is another obvious one. It's just beautiful and very me. Zazi Vintage that makes these stunning colourful dresses in India. Rafa vegan shoes because I really try not to buy leather and they are one of the firsts that make super beautiful vegan alternatives. Also buying second hand and vintage. I definitely spend too much time browsing around my local charity shops and through cool instagram stores. And that's probably the most sustainable way to shop anyway.


What encourages you to be interested in buying or living more consciously or what's holding you back?

So many things! I mean first of all it seems like a reasonable thing to do. I am very obsessed with everything space and the thought that in this vast universe we have this tiny planet Earth that can sustain life is pretty mind blowing, right! Plus we get to live here and our planet is so beautiful! So why should we destroy it?


Can you give an example of something you might feel guilty about buying, but you've just got to have it? (because we are all human right)

I guess mostly it is take-away food when I am on the go. Hello Pret! And I am pretty always on the go. Nevertheless, it's great to see these brands looking for better packaging that could be used instead of plastic.


What's the best part of sustainable or mindful living and where do you go to for inspiration?

I really believe that doing good makes you feel good. For me sustainable living is about making it a habit because when that happens it becomes kind of easy. So for example with veganism I know it makes me feel healthy and energised plus better for the environment and animals. With fashion I feel like it's more fun because you can find much more unique garments and I have never really wanted to look like everyone else. Also I love seeing people coming up with innovative products and thinking out of the box when it comes to sustainability. People who do that inspire me a lot.


Do you have your own website or instagram you'd like to share and tell us a bit about? Or a favourite one you think needs to be shared!

I run ( which is an online platform exploring sustainability and innovation in fashion industry. We also curate and extensive brand guide with more than 200 sustainable fashion brands. What we are really trying to do in make shopping sustainable an easy and super fun experience.


What's on your playlist for dancing, thinking or being energised?

I love running. I go for late evening runs in empty Hyde Park and it's the best way for me to gather my thoughts and relax. Getting out of the city and into nature is another way for me to escape the craziness of London. Also I enjoy my me time, that's probably my introvert side. Lastly, meditating or putting on some meditation music and going for a walk helps too.