How would describe yourself and your style?

A pattern loving protester for kindness and good design, my style I see as eclectic and sophisticatedly bohemian - Let's go with that.


What's been a goal of yours, whether in life or the last week? Clothing/ lifestyle/ holiday

In life (wait for it) enlightenment. Yes pretty big stuff. I've been fascinated with the idea of enlightenment since I was young, I've always loved the idea of being at peace with yourself, and being happy with what you have. I think this links to trying to be a change maker, wanting to be part of a kinder sort of world.


A huge goal is to live sustainably, choosing ways that do not bring harm or destruction to others, our environment as well as my own body, being conscious of toxins, using materials efficiently and treating people respectfully.


You can’t do it 100%, as Jayna said on my last instagram post, its progress not perfection.


What eco brands or products do you love?

LA's Reformation and ZAZI Vintage are my favourite ethical brands. I’m still figuring out my skincare but Tropic and LUSH cosmetics are my favs so far. I'm on the hunt for great footwear now.


What encourages you to be interested in buying or living more consciously or what's holding you back?

The truth of product’s manufacture. I'm not going to fund companies that devastate people lives and our beautiful world. Even more so with a daughter, setting her an example. Habits set me back, ones that are so ingrained my lifestyle.


Can you give an example of something you might feel guilty about buying, but you've just got to have it? (because we are all human right)

Back in 2008 when I first started to research sustainable fashion, Becky Earley told me you can't tackle it all. You start somewhere. So I still have lots of guilty habits. Food shopping is still convienence lead as I still shop in big retailers, but I choose low packaging and more thoughtful brands. I’m also hiding from the fact organic wine exists.


What's the best part of sustainable or mindful living and where do you go to for inspiration?

For me the best part is knowing my money is not funding people’s misery and in fact helping hard working mums see their kids more, seeing their kids healthy and funding a future that looks good for everyone. It is more a more mindful way of living which gives me a free kind of pleasure and satisfaction from my contribution, it satisfies my soul!! Instagram is my round the clock inspiration as you can find a lot of smaller brands there. Word of mouth has put in me touch with the best people and products such as a friend told me about Emma’s blog @Mamalina and I have just cooked to best Vegan banana bread. Oh and Yoga teachers are my inspiration for kind living. The podcast Conscious Chatter is mind-blowingly inspirational. I just listened to the incredible Sarah Corbett who started Craftivist.


Do you have your own website or instagram you'd like to share and tell us a bit about? Or a favourite one you think needs to be shared!

We-Resonate of course. Also Pebble is an cool resource for sustainable living pebblemag.com. Fashion Revolution are more direct for the protester reading this - www.fashionrevolution.org. If you haven't watched it yet The True Cost movie is a must see - truecostmovie.com


What's on your playlist for dancing, thinking or being energised?

Honestly all sorts, a special song is by the Cranberries – Dreams, one I danced with my dad to. Paul Simon’s Graceland Album too. Tina Turner, Annie Lennox and other great woman artists. Steel Drums to dance to. My piano music playlist for yoga/unwinding.