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1. WASH 

+ Using a preferably eco delicate fabric handwash mix with luke warm water in a clean sink. Swish the fabric around for 5 minutes. Keep moving the fabric in the water so colours don’t transfer to other areas. For any stains use washing up liquid in that area, lather with a gentle touch and put back into water and keep swishing!



+ Gently lift and softly press the fabric together to remove excess water (don’t squeeze or twist)

+ Place in a bowl of cool/room temp water to rinse. When it comes to rinsing, mix in three tablespoons of white distilled vinegar. This will remove traces of the detergent and also restore the fabric’s natural shine. Don’t worry the smell will vanish when the piece dries. Alternatively rinse in just water and repeat process with a delicates softener, however this can cause a residue.


3. DRY

+ Gently lift and softly press the fabric together to remove excess water.

+ On a trouser clip hanger, clip a long towel leaving edges to fall either side and as long as the silk piece you're washing, This acts as a body for the dress to hang over. This also prevents any colours transferring from one area to another.

+ Carefully hang piece over the hanger. Check no fabric is touching eachother, it might help to drape over a chair). It will dry within 3 hours if in a well-ventilated, ambient room.



+ Using a medium heat steam iron on top of a piece of clean white cotton, iron on reverse.

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