How would describe yourself and your style?

Hi - Modern minimalism mixed with vintage classics.


What's been a goal of yours, whether in life or the last week? Clothing/ lifestyle/ holiday

Having a month off just for myself and going on an adventure...


What eco brands or products do you love?

We-Resonate of course, there’s not many fashionable eco brands that I find beautiful or love but I respect Hess Natur (german retailer) because they were one of the first sustainable brands and I love Patagonia.


What encourages you to be interested in buying or living more consciously or what's holding you back?

Seeing the environment suffering from mankind which makes me really upset!


Can you give an example of something you might feel guilty about buying, but you've just got to have it? (because we are all human right)

Usually it’s food, grains and pulses that are wrapped in plastic and food I take on the plane whilst travelling.


What's the best part of sustainable or mindful living and where do you go to for inspiration?

I read the book “let my people go surfing” by Yvon Chouinnard the founder of Patagonia. It’s basically a bible for sustainable fashion brands.


Do you have your own website or instagram you'd like to share and tell us a bit about? Or a favourite one you think needs to be shared!

I like following The North Face and Patagonia as they do a lot of community projects to maintain the environment.


What's on your playlist for dancing, thinking or being energised?

The rock'n'roll oldies like Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane, but I also love jazz by Chet Baker.