Empower your path. Finding peace and beauty. 

Creating life. Seeing beauty.

By exploring what joys, what ease, what experiences, what growth and contributions we wish to enrich our lives with... 
We can find how to (uniquely) experience life + find what we are seeking.
By seeing how no one else has our answers the choice is laid bare in our hands, with tools from this workshop we can feel re-centred and resilient.

Landscape of me

1 on 1 sessions - 6 week block

It doesn't matter how much we should be doing something, if our mind frame isn't tuned in to our values, or busy elsewhere, theres limited or off path action. This can make you feel out of sorts, missing something, frustrated and even in doubt of self.

I needed teachers to believe in in, eye to eye tell me I was unique and of great power. I also needed someone to name what spirituality really was. We only know what we know, let this be our empowering gift not a limiting one. Most of the time, we know more than we think.

Lets go on a journey together to reach your envisioned destination, it takes energy and emotions but I'll give you built in ways to navigate and enjoy as we go.

Before - Have a discovery call with me to see if we fit and my voice, approach and energy resonates with you. We'll discuss what you are seeking.

TBM: reword:

BEFORE • Before your session you will fill out an intake form so that the coaches can understand your level of familiarity with the work/workshops, and what blocks and manifestations you are working through. Your coach will review this information and come to the session prepared and ready to dive in with you. The form ensures that the coaches have a basic understanding of your specific needs so that you can make the most of your 60 minute session.

DURING• Coaching sessions are an opportunity to really be seen, understood and supported in a totally confidential, nonjudgemental environment. During your session, the coaches will help you identify blocks and subconscious programming that’s been holding you back from projecting from your highest sense of self worth. Whether you are looking to manifest partnership, career, life changes or just shift into a more magnetic state of being– our coaches will hold you accountable through your manifestation journey.

Coaching is also an incredible tool for those who have fallen off the wagon or feel unmotivated about their practice. Reignite your fire and get back on track. The coaches will give you personalized recommendations and help the workshops, work for you.

AFTER • The coaches will send you notes from your session including an Rx for how to move through the work based on your personal needs and the blocks uncovered during your session. They will provide tools & tricks to help you personalize your practice and special insights that are not even in the workshops.

One off coaching call:

Group coaching - join the monthly 

My practise is based on the teachings of these great thought leaders:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron 

Brené Brown

Marianne Williamson

Ken Robinson

Eckhart Tolle

Byron Katie

Peter Crone

Joe Dispensa

Vishen Lakhiani 

Lacey Haynes School of Whole

To be Magnetic